Death of Covid-19, Is It Possible?

Can Corona Covid-19 Virus die? When will it die? This paper is intended to briefly discuss the results of research on the death of Covid-19 sourced in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and graphed by Al Jazeera English. It also aims to help in community education in preventing the spread of Covid-19 outbreak.

Covid-19 Replication and Spreading

In some videos on Youtube, Covid-19 can hijack the ability of the host cell to replicate itself. He is able to replicate himself as much as his host cell can. After the host cell dies, it will spread to other cells that are still healthy. Host cells are cells of the human body in the respiratory cavity and lungs. While in the patient’s body, Covid-19 can survive and self-replicate.

Its ability to replicate in large numbers allows spread to other bodies besides the sufferer in 2 ways: droplet (droplet) and physical contact. As explained in the previous article , droplets can be produced from coughing or sneezing. While physical contact can go through a handshake, touching a surface contaminated with Covid-19 virus, etc. If Covid-19 spreads to other humans, the numbers will increase. That is why it is very important to combat covid-19 so that it does not spread more by following the instructions of WHO and the local government.

In the following video, it can be seen that the possibility of spreading through droplets due to sneezing or coughing ranges from 1-2 meters and even under certain conditions it is possible to spread up to 8 meters. It is very important for us to protect ourselves by using masks.

The wider the spread, the more he replicates himself. As a result it will be increasingly difficult to stop it. But apparently Covid-19 does not live forever. He can die within a certain period if he does not get good conditions (which support his life). Next will be explained about the life time covid-19 on several surface objects.

Covid-19 Life Time

The picture above explains that the Covid-19 virus can survive up to 3 hours when in the air, 4 hours on the surface of copper, 24 hours on the surface of the card board (such as wood / paper), 3 days on the surface of the plastic and also 3 days on steel surfaces (eg spoons / forks). That was the time of death of Covid-19 in lab conditions. Maybe outside conditions that do not support the life of Covid-19 will be able to turn it off faster.

A complete explanation of covid-19’s life time can be seen in the middle of the following video.

How did Covid-19 die?

Covid-19 has a surface that contains fat, so it can be bound by soap. Therefore it is important for us to wash our hands frequently. After Covid-19 was carried away by soap and water particles, what happened? Covid-19 will get an environment that does not support its life so that it dies quickly or is destroyed.

Against high temperatures, Covid-19 cannot stand and will break. Therefore, cook well every food product, especially food products from processed animal meat.

Disinfectant is believed to kill viruses that stick to the surface. Some are applying disinfectant usage in the form of spraying roads, home yards, furniture in the house and others. Some even provide disinfecting spray booths for migrants from outside the city.

Hand Sanitizer is also believed to kill viruses. Its application increased dramatically when information on the Covid-19 outbreak began to spread. Hopefully with 70% or more alcohol can kill and destroy the Covid-19 virus.

The author has not obtained information about the possibility of this virus will be lost / damaged by a certain chemical substance, whether in the form of smoke, aroma therapy, herbal medicine, and others. Researchers in various countries around the world may be competing to make drugs or vaccines to defeat Covid-19. Hopefully in the near future we will get good news about this.

Rejection of the Handling of corpses of Covid-19 victims Near Residential Residents

In preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus, several countries cremated (burned) the bodies of victims. Maybe certain religions forbid the burning of corpses. Handling of corpses depends on their religion and beliefs. Here is an example video that provides information:

In Indonesia, the handling of the bodies of Covid-19 victims is carried out by burying them. Is this safe? The logic is that if Covid-19 is buried in a place that is not in accordance with the needs of his life, then he will die by itself. How long is it? If answered again with logic that uses Covid-19’s lifetime information, the answer is after the host cell is destroyed. Host cells are cells of the human body found in the respiratory cavity and lungs. But this is only logic and has not been supported by facts or research or proof data. Hopefully the experts in the field of health or related to health can do the research.

The plan for handling the corpses of Covid-19 victims is not always smooth, there are some citizens who might reject the handling as in the following videos:

Likewise, in Indonesia there was a rejection of the burial of the corpses of Covid-19 victims in the location of a cemetery close to residents’ housing. Residents refused for fear of contracting the Covid-19 Virus. Below is an example of the video information:

Such is the condition, citizens’ concerns become a force for rejection. That is the right of citizens who may be changed after obtaining a socialization / explanation of how the right procedure and in accordance with Operational Technical Instructions made by WHO . Or maybe the Government needs to allocate funds to provide a burial location far from residential areas.


Corona Covid-19 virus is not an eternal creature. He can die or be destroyed if environmental conditions that support his life do not exist. He can die within a certain period if it is on the surface of certain objects such as research results contained in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

Thus a simple review of the Death of Covid-19. Hopefully this article is useful and helpful for readers. Let’s fight Covid-19! CMIIW.


Candra Taufik, S.T., MAB., MOS.

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